No Poverty (SDG 1)

Rit Rural Foundation, an organisation under the aegis of Shaan Foundation, has been working towards making rural India accustomed to achieve Agenda 2030. The vision of Rit stands as “Gramoday se Bharat uday”. We are establishing Cluster Resource Centres in the rural areas, which perform multiple functions. The fulcrum of our initiative lies in SDG 1 (No Poverty). Through our initiative, we aim to condition the developmental agenda of our villages in the larger context of the international agenda – facilitating the confluence of rural and global. We train women to make them self-reliant entrepreneurs, engage farmers for extension activities and market access, empower rural youth to have 21st century conducive skills and undertake disaster relief activities. We are contributing towards sustainable spiritual upliftment of villages, thereby, truly realising the potential of GRAMODAY.