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India is a rural civilisation.” – MK Gandhi

The Gramoday initiative works to rectify the damages to the rural livelihood due to the global pandemic Coronavirus and start the reverse migration process by taking prosperity back to the villages. The long term goal of this initiative is to create inclusive and sustainable livelihoods for individuals, families, and communities across India.The novel coronavirus has had a damaging impact on the country’s economy due to a nationwide lockdown.

The most devastating effect of the virus and the lockdown had been on economically backward classes, with limited access to proper healthcare and no money to sustain their livelihood. The Government of India announced many measures from Food distribution to Cash transfers but Honourable Prime minister gave a clarion call to the private sector to help in making “Aatmanirbhar Bharat”. Bharat lives in its Villages and its villages that will fire Bharat’s growth story.

As one of the tallest Indian social worker who originally gave the idea of “Gramoday” Nana ji deshmukh said “Gramoday se Bharat Uday” It was during Shaan Foundation’s food drive; we realised that the pandemic crisis needs to be addressed at the grass-root level for the sustainable development of rural India.

So, we decided to leverage the crisis, which led to the establishment of the ऋत Foundation and its rural initiative – Gramoday

Our Programs

The Gramoday model is based on three elements of prosperity ( तन- health, मन- Mind and धन- Wealth), which are a necessity for the sustainable growth of an individual and community. This has lead to the formation of the three nodal programs


The Amrut Program is a health-centric initiative by the ऋत Foundation to supplement India’s primary healthcare system.

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The Akshara program aims to empower the children from rural India with quality education so that they can get rid of the clutches of poverty and lead a productive and dignified life.

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The program is a systematic progression to empower youth, farmers & the women from underprivileged sections with employable skills & inculcate entrepreneurship

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