The Amrut Program is a health-centric initiative by the ऋत Foundation to supplement India’s primary healthcare system.


The Amrut Program is a health-centric initiative by the ऋत Foundation to supplement India’s primary healthcare system. Our model works to provide healthcare services through telemedicine and aimed towards a preventive healthcare system for the holistic development of individuals from rural areas. Right from telephonic doctor consultations to accessibility to top-notch pathological facilities, our constant endeavour is to bridge the gap of health care inequality between the urban and the rural population of the country.

Activities and Model

Health is one of the greatest assets of a human being. Sadly, the entire world’s collective health took a big hit with the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. The number of Coronavirus cases touched 20 lakhs in India in August’s first week, with the numbers still soaring. This crisis allowed us to pause and examine our current healthcare infrastructure and rectify the disparity in healthcare facilities between urban and rural India. We at Shaan Foundation gauged at the crisis and found an opportunity to fasten the pace of healthcare infrastructure growth in our villages. Our model focuses on:


Telemedicine services were still exclusive to rural populations even though its presence has been in urban areas for more than a decade. The COVID crisis presented us with an opportunity to bring service to the doorstep of our rural residents. Through telemedicine service, our Amrut initiative can provide rural patients access to specialist doctors from reputed hospitals around India, thus reducing the patient’s travel cost and getting quality health care right at their village. The model is also incentivised by reducing medical diagnosis costs by 40-50% by getting local pathology on board.

Promote Preventive
Health-Care System

The World Health estimates nearly 70% of people can be treated at the Primary Level of Healthcare itself. By incentivising the telemedicine initiative, we are aiming to popularise primary health care in rural areas. Our model is dedicated to supplementing the infrastructure of the public primary health care system in India and navigating the healthcare system towards a preventive and sustainable model.

In the next phase, the Amrut program will conduct surveys on health and nutrition in rural areas to assess and intervene at the earlier levels to take it towards preventive health care models.

Foster Holistic
Health-Care System

Amrut initiative is working in alignment with the Government of India’s Ayush program where the impetus is given on both mental and physical wellbeing. Given that people exercise pluralistic choices in healthcare, our healthcare education system must be integrative meaning thereby that all students of allopathic medical education must have a basic understanding of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH), and vice versa. There shall also be a much greater emphasis on preventive healthcare and community medicine in all forms of healthcare education.

Our Volunteers and Contributors

The program was able to run its course due to the patronage of specialist doctors. These doctors are from renowned hospitals, like Gangaram and other hospitals of repute. Once we narrated our cause, they whole-heartedly agreed to provide their services free of cost to enable access to quality health services across villages in India through digital platforms. In this endeavour, the additional patronage from government agencies and Shaan’s stakeholders have enabled Amrut to connect patients from rural areas with doctors from the city without the need to travel. Shaan Oxygen Drive 2021

Shaan Oxygen Drive 2021

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Doctors willing to volunteer
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