Shaan Foundation

About Us

Shaan Foundation started its social startup, the ऋत Foundation, which passionately runs numerous welfare initiatives for the underprivileged section of the country on education, healthcare, livelihood with a special focus on women empowerment of rural India.

Established on 15th June 2018, Shaan Foundation started its journey in the education domain where under Shaan IAS Coaching, we guide young aspirants towards a dignified future where they can become substantial contributors to our nation’s growth.

When India went into an unexpected lockdown to curb the Coronavirus curve, the underprivileged section of the society was thrown into turmoil. The basic necessities for a human being, like food, became scarce for the poor as many of them lost their livelihoods. The Government of India did try to take relief measures for the poor. But when two-thirds of our population lives in poverty, only Government measures cannot suffice.

It is when the Shaan Foundation stepped up to help the poor and underprivileged brothers and sisters through the food drive initiative Antyoday. During these food drives, we at the Shaan Foundation, realised that for sustainable development of these Covid-19 affected rural people we need to take drastic measures. Hence, it led to the formation of the ऋत Foundation and its rural initiative- Gramyoday


अपने हिस्से का भारत बनाने में लगा एक social start up

All of ऋत Foundation’s endeavours are directed towards empowering rural India with education, employability skills and enabling them with a global platform to showcase and distribute their homegrown products.


Shaping minds and giving a platform where Rural meets Global

Using education and digital as the primary tools, the Shaan Foundation, under its subsidiary the ऋत Foundation, is helping rural India to realise its true potential; become aware of one’s rights, gain access to affordable and quality healthcare & education, inculcate skills for employment and urban and global outreach of their rural organic produce, thus molding every denizen as a responsible and contributing citizens.